About us

Fraus Media Here at Fraus Media we are dedicated to producing high quality educational materials using the latest IT trends and advances. If you want to get one step ahead, we should be your first port of call!

Fraus Media is a subsidiary of Fraus Publishing, one of the largest publishers of educational textbooks in Europe and a leader in the fast changing world of online education. Several of their published titles have won awards in competitions such as the Best European Textbook Competition.

Fraus Publishing is also a member of The European Educational Publishers Group, an organization which is dedicated to researching and sharing developments in educational publishing across Europe.

In addition to these achievements, Fraus Publishing also provides seminars and courses for teachers. More than seven thousand teachers were enrolled on this programme during the 2010/2011 school year.


Since 1991 our parent company has been a leader in the development of classic printed textbooks. As well as Primary school materials they also produce literature for adult courses using a communicative approach accompanied by a clear and functional layout. Many of these publications have their own electronic twin, and so and following on in that tradition our company group is currently expanding into the digital publishing and educational app markets.

From 2012 Fraus Media have therefore been focused on expanding our exciting product range, including the creation of interactive textbooks for educational purposes in digital formats like epub and Flexibook. The Digital Publishing division of our company also specializes in the publication and selling of e-books on Flexibooks.cz, an online e-book retailer.

Our applications

Edu Apps by Fraus Media are focused on both child and adult learning and serve as a complement to the many and varied printed textbooks published by Fraus Publishing. Our first Edu App was submitted to the Appstore in 2013, and they are now available on the Windows Store as well. Our Edu Apps are produced by a highly skilled team including professionals from all areas of language training, education, psychology, media development and much more besides.

Fraus Media products are renowned for the quality and accuracy of their content. These educational materials are built from the ground up by our company, from draft stage to final product, and we have teams of professionals who ensure that all content is accurate and flawless.

Fraus Media Edu Apps and Digital Publishing bring together all these areas of expertise to create learning tools which we believe are second to none.

The fields of education and language learning are of the utmost importance to us, therefore we place great emphasis on the quality and perfection of our content, whether it be in the traditional printed format or online.