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Language Chapters

Speak with ease not only abroad with Language Chapters!

Are you getting ready for your Graduation Exam from English, language exams in general, or a job interview? If the answer is yes, then our Language Chapters application is meant for you. Language Chapters can be used as an interactive textbook in the Flexibooks format.

Language Chapters are a simple and entertaining opportunity to improve your English at school, in the peace and quiet of your home, or even when travelling. With Language Chapters you can easily communicate on the Underground or at an airport, you can handle a job interview or a conversation about the weather, you can find your way througn a menu, get help when your car breaks down, or deal with a complaint in a shop, and you can also call an ambulance, book a room in a hotel, or prepare fish and chips.

  • Vocabulary is divided into 20 thematic units, useful in everyday life situations
  • Learn 40% more effectively than with a classic printed textbook
  • Topics include a video from a British environment, a dictionary voiced by native speakers, pictures, and entertaining interactive¬†exercises

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