Drive magazine photo contest

January 3, 2014  |  News

In co-operation with Drive magazine, we prepared a competition in their January issue. Winners will recieve a complete package of the flexibook version of Language Chapters (Czech localization) from us, worth 836 Czech crowns.

Rules of the competition:

1. Send your picture from abroad, where you spoke English, before 27 January 2014 to

2. Write a short comment in the email, characterizing the picture, along with the date and place where the picture was taken.

3. Between 28 January and 9 February your pictures will be posted on the FrausMedia Facebook page. Vote for 3 winners by pressing the “Like” button.

4. On 10 February the voting will be closed, and we will announce 3 winners. The names of the winners will be posted on the Drive and FrausMedia Facebook pages.

5. We will email instructions on how to download Language Chapters to a computer to the lucky winners.