Brand new app Language Chapters

September 2, 2013  |  News

A brand new interactive English learning experience from 2013, Language Chapters by Fraus Media is a professionally created educational application that changes the face of the online language learning experience.

Using professional and expertly designed visualizations, audio content from English native speakers and written materials produced by experts in the field of language learning and methodology, Language Chapters is a one-stop edu-app which fulfils all of the English language learner’s needs.

Offering more than 80 thematic chapters containing over 10,000 words, phrases and sentences, Language Chapters guides you through everyday real-life situations and gives you the confidence to put your English language knowledge into practical use.

Each chapter is introduced by a video from everyday British life presented by a British native speaker, and is accompanied by a written transcription for clearer understanding. Each chapter is linked to an extensive thematic dictionary with large, illustrative depictions. On top of this, every word, phrase and sentence has it’s own audio recording made by a British native speaker, so your pronunciation is given the best head start possible.

To consolidate the vocabulary learning experience, Language Chapters lets the student practise using interactive cards which contain both audio and images. English learners can use these cards to practise either actively or passively by setting the functionality themselves. Learners can choose to mute or unmute the audio content, or hide the text and images for a more challenging learning experience. Each thematic chapter contains up to 70 interactive cards, but it doesn’t stop there! Language Chapters lets the user create their own cards as well, so the possibilities are limitless!

Here at Fraus Media we believe that Language Chapters is one the most effective and accurate online English learning products currently available. Why not have a look for yourself at