Schools yesterday and today… how has teaching at schools changed?

June 3, 2014  |  News

We all certainly remember sitting close to each other in a crowded lecture hall, watching documentaries on a shabby TV with a screen not much bigger than today’s phones.

How have teaching and teaching tools changed? We would like to show you some examples of breaking development at schools.

Calculator v. mobile

A calculator is still a part of compulsory equipment for schools, but the truth is that a mobile or a tablet can do absolutely the same as a scientific calculator, and many students are not really interested in having a calculator anymore.

fm web článek vizuál


Radio v. smart applications

Majority of Czech schools still live in the good old habit of a teacher bringing a radio and a cassette into his or her classroom, sometimes, in better cases, even a CD. However, radios are already being replaced by interactive whiteboards and YouTube, or tablets with smart applications, for example Language Chapters. The application contains many videos, vocabulary with correct pronunciation, and many other features that make a radio an obsolete invention.

Language Chapters

Language Chapters


Blackboard v. Interactive whiteboard

Well, some teachers at schools which are equipped with interactive whiteboards complain that when their students misbehave, they cannot scratch their nails against a blackboard. Nevertheless, an interactive whiteboard gets all the attention it needs by itself. It gives a teacher countless opportunities that a good old blackboard just cannot. Not only can you work with music and videos, but you can also work with i-textbooks. And you do not have to worry about cleaning the board after the lesson =).

















Exercise books v. tablets

Exercise books… we used to carry tons of those. And that is not exaggerated by much. At least one for every subject, and there were many of them. In the 21st century, piles of exercise books are being replaced by a more elegant solution. A tablet. There is enough space for everything inside. From notes and photos, to records of whole lectures.





A TV trolley v. YouTube

Do you remember those precious moments when your teacher at school came into your classroom accompanied by a steady clickety-clack that meant that there would be a TV session played from a trembling trolley? Mostly with a VCR (Do kids remember these things today?), on a better day, maybe even a DVD player.  TV trolleys have often been replaced by YouTube.


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