Our team

Here at Fraus Media we are dedicated to producing high quality educational materials using the latest IT trends and advances. If you want to get one step ahead, we should be your first port of call!

  • Eva Králová
  • Barbora Bartošová
  • Jan Bílý
  • Jana Hlavínová
  • Lucie Hlavínová
  • Pavel Bláha

Eva Králová Division Manager

My name is Králová, Eva Králová. My working pace is deadly, and I expect the same from the rest of the application team that I lead. I mostly spend my free time with my dog, Ares – his working name is Žížalka, and I take him for long walks in the woods. Apart from that, I am keen on skiing in winter, and in the summer I go cycling. 

Email: kralova@frausmedia.com Phone: +420 725 711 526 LinkedIn
Eva Králová

Barbora Bartošová Project Coordinator

Email: bartosova@fraus.com Phone: +420 377 220 326
Barbora Bartošová

Jan Bílý Project Coordinator

My name is Honza, and most of all I love sports. It is not important what sport, but I prefer football and jogging. It is not a coincidence that my name matches the name of the fantasy character Jon Snow, because my biggest hobby is creating fantasy card games. I occasionally have to work too; however, I do this unpopular activity surprisingly gladly. 

Email: bily@frausmedia.com Phone: +420 377 338 823 LinkedIn
Jan Bílý

Jana Hlavínová Project Coordinator

My name is Jana. At Fraus Media I work as a Project Co-ordinator, but because I am a sort of “Jack of all trades”, I am also an assistant to Mr. Fraus, and basically to anyone else who is in need of an assistant. Some like hockey, I like travelling. I love fried camembert, and spaghetti with cheese. 

Email: hlavinova.jana@frausmedia.com Phone: +420 377 338 853
Jana Hlavínová

Lucie Hlavínová Content Coordinator

My name is Lucka, and I work as a Content Co-ordinator at Fraus Media. Simply put, I take care of the content of our HTML 5 applications – I look for authors, train them, patiently answer all their questions, thoroughly read submitted work, correct texts, and take care of all the details. My biggest hobbies are travelling and reading, but I also love going to the gym, theatre, I enjoy watching films, and attending rock gigs. Apart from rock, my genre of choice is ska, and recently I have started to listen to electro swing. 

Email: hlavinova@frausmedia.com Phone: +420 773 770 879 LinkedIn
Lucie Hlavínová

Pavel Bláha Head of Marketing & Sales

Email: blaha@flexibooks.cz Phone: +420 602 500 915 LinkedIn
Pavel Bláha