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WordTrainer FRAUS

Do you need to learn English vocabulary, but you do not want to carry a cumbersome textbook with you at all times?

Fraus WordTrainer is a great supplementary educational tool to textbooks, created by Fraus Publishing House. As we try to be one step ahead with our textbooks, we have linked them with an appealing application, which can broaden the range of possibilities of how to use the paper textbooks.

That is why Fraus WordTrainer was created. It offers a complete set of flashcards, which includes vocabulary to any textbook from our portfolio. Thanks to these flashcards, you can easily practice vocabulary, you can find out where you still have some space for practicing, and which words you have mastered. All of the cards come with pictures, so it is easier for you to remember the vocabulary.

Fraus WordTrainer is available for all mobile platform Android and it does not matter what phone, notebook, or tablet you own. 

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